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This site was built with the intent of sharing electrical engineering projects and related topics. The site covers researching, designing, modeling, testing, and then the manufacture of various electronic projects of interest. As I studied electronics I thought it would be nice to share the knowledge and outcomes. Plus, a few friends wanted to see videos and specs.

And, I believe that anyone can get a free education, today, with all the universities publishing their coursework and with very smart people publishing their works. I wanted to be a part of that movement. Feel free to use any part of this site to further your learning.


LC Meter - 2017 Version-1 Completed November 1, 2017
650nm Laser Audio Transmitter Project Version-1 Completed September 25, 2016
Benchtop Power Supply - 2015 Version-1 Completed June 22, 2015
Benchtop Power Supply - 2017 Version-2 Completed September 19, 2017
Robotics Project - 2012 Version-1 PDF Only at this time
Robotics Project - 2015 Version-2 Site Still Being Developed
Crate CR60 Amp Repair Version-1 Site Still Being Developed
Carvin PA CX872 Repair Version-1 Site Still Being Developed

Data Sheets

Book References

Front These are all great references books. Over the years, these have become my "go to" books for circuit design and troubleshooting.
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Web Site References

Tools and Software Used on These Projects

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